Water Supply

Water Supply projects have been executed and turned over in all of Lebanon, Nigeria, Erbil and Djibouti. Our team has completed rehabilitation and extension projects of existing potable water supply systems.

Our Water Supply works include the following:

  • Survey and layout, design study, preparation of shop drawings, as-built drawings, operations and maintenance manuals.
  • Drilling/equipping water wells of various sizes down to 800 meters.
  • Installation of vertical pumps of various heads up to 750 meters.
  • Construction of pumping station buildings with related pumps, pipes and accessories, valves and control panels etc…
  • Power supply to pumping stations, including the overhead power cables and poles.
  • Transformers, stand by generators and related panels and cables.
  • Construction of concrete water towers with various capacities up to 60 meters high.
  • Construction of concrete reservoirs with carious capacities ranging up to 15,000 m3.
  • Construction of concrete valves chambers with various sizes and depths.
  • Construction of water intake structure up to 26m depth
  • Construction of sand filter unit with an outcome of 2,400 m3/h
  • Construction of sedimentation and coagulation tanks up to 6,000 m3 capacity
  • Sheet pilling & dewatering
  • PLC Control room
  • Earth moving, excavations, trenches at all types of soil and rock, with various depth and width.
  • Installing and testing transmission pipelines of ductile iron, steel and G.R.P. pipes in sizes ranging up to 4000 mm.
  • Installing and testing distribution pipelines of D.I, H.D.P.E, U.P.V.C pipes in sizes ranging up to 2400 mm.
  • Installing and testing all types of valves, air valves, washout, P.R.V, flow meters etc…
  • Installing and testing house connections with related accessories including tapping.
  • Collars, ferrules, stop valves, surface box, water meters and water meters boxes.
  • Design and build water treatment plants with all related Electro-Mechanical works and equipment.