Sewerage & Drainage

Sewerage and Drainage projects including pumping stations have been executed in regions of Lebanon, Nigeria, and Djibouti. Our team has supplied and layed primary sewers and drains, as well as their canals and networks. In addition to the construction and equipment of pumping stations.

Our Sewerage & Drainage works include the following:

  • Surveying and setting out, design study and calculations, preparation of shop drawings, as built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals.
  • Earth moving, excavation in all types of soil and rocks with depths up to 10 meters
  • Soil support system
  • Sheet piling and dewatering
  • Construction of pumping stations
  • Equipping pumping stations with pumps, piping and accessories
  • Power supply for pumping stations, including overhead power cables and poles, transformers, control panels and standby generators
  • Cabling and wiring
  • Installation of pressure lines, ductile iron and G.R.P. pipes of sizes up to 4000 mm
  • Installation of gravity concrete and U.P.V.C pipes of sizes up to 1800 mm at depths exceeding 10 meters
  • Construction of concrete valve chambers of various sizes, to depths exceeding 10 meters
  • Testing and commissioning of pumping stations
  • Training of personals to operate pumping stations
  • Design and build waste water treatment plants will all related Electro-mechanical works and equipments