Large-scale irrigation projects have been completed and put to service in Lebanon, Nigeria and Djibouti.

Our Irrigation works include the following:

  • Survey and layout, design study, preparation of shop drawings as built drawings, operations and maintenance manuals
  • Clearing and grubbing, earthmoving and excavation in all type of soil and rocks
  • Rehabilitation of dams and water gates - Rehabilitation and improvement of stilling basins
  • Construction of concrete and cyclopean retaining walls - Construction of ripraps
  • Construction of concrete canals and drops of various sizes
  • Concrete of cartages and river intakes
  • Construction of farm turnout and off-take assemblies
  • Construction of stilling basings, chute and over passes
  • Construction of concrete culverts
  • Construction of asymmetric canals on top of walls
  • Construction of concrete water reservoirs
  • Installation of irrigation networks including valves and accessories
  • Construction of equipping dam control buildings