Highways & Bridges

Large-scale roads and highway network projects as well as coastal and offshore engineering projects have been executed, covering thousand of kilometers in Lebanon, Nigeria and Djibouti.

Our Highways & Bridges works include the following:

  • Site survey and setting out, design, shop drawings and as-built drawings
  • Earthmoving in all types of soil, rock and swamp areas
  • Bush clearing; cut and fill in all type of terrains including rocks
  • Preparation of sub-grades, sub-bases and base courses
  • Road asphalting and landscaping
  • Concrete retaining walls and drainage culverts
  • Curbstone and paving tiles
  • Bridge works including anchor and casing piles
  • Concrete piles for oil drilling locations and sheet piles for shore protection works
  • Construction of under/over passes, steel and concrete bridges
  • Sea armor rock protection
  • Installation of street lightning including cable ducts, cables, luminaires, etc…