Behssass-Kousba-Cedars Road

Reconstruction and widening of the existing roads. Bypassing the existing road of Bsarma with earthworks for road construction, road widening, drainage channels, culverts, bridges, walls, etc… Construction and rehabilitation of road pavements; width of 12 m (2 lanes 3.5 m + 2 shoulders 2.5 m) Construction of retaining walls, pipe culverts, sidewalks, concrete ditches and channels. Rehabilitation of Aaba Bridge including reconstruction of the barriers; 2 lanes 3.5 m + 2 shoulders 2.5 m + 2 gutters 0.5 m with sidewalks. Storm water drainage network. Relocation of existing utilities Road accessories for signing and marking, and provision of road safety accessories. Lighting installation for intersections. Landscaping on intersections. Other ancillary and associated works including traffic management during construction, reinstatement of roads disturbed by the works and tapering to existing roads as necessary.


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Behssass-Kousba-Cedars Road
Behssass-Kousba-Cedars Road
Behssass-Kousba-Cedars Road