Abde – Homs Exit – Abboudieh Roads

The construction of roads connecting the northern motorway with the Syrian borders – Section B – S20, S22, S23 & S24 Road works included 1,300 m of cyclopean breakwater with rock armor protection Construction of roadways section consisting of coastal dual carriage way, separated by new jersey barriers and where each way consists of 2 lanes with a shoulder of 1.7 m and inner verge. Earthworks for road construction, road widening, excavation of unstable material outside right of way, etc… Site investigation: existing utilities, boreholes, sea bed survey. Drainage works: reinforced concrete box culverts and pipe culverts. Relocation of existing utilities and landscaping. Road signage and marking, and provision of road safety accessories as well as lighting installations Other ancillary and associated works including traffic management during construction, reinstatement of roads disturbed by the works and tapering to existing roads as necessary


Highways & Bridges, Marine Works






Council for Development & Reconstruction



Abde – Homs Exit – Abboudieh Roads
Abde – Homs Exit – Abboudieh Roads
Abde – Homs Exit – Abboudieh Roads