Construction of 7.5 Km, 36.5 Km and 37 Km of highway in a marginal swamp area.

Re-channeling of water for distance approximately 10 km, 18 Km and 26 Km into creeks and rivers, using 1000 mm diameter steel and concrete pipes.

Construction of concrete bridges using pre-stressed and post-tensioned reinforced concrete beams, on piled foundations; the embankment slopes of the bridge approaches and abutments are protected by steel sheet pile retaining walls.

Construction of ring culverts of diameters ranging between 900 mm and 1500 mm, and construction of 1000×2000 mm, 1000×15000 mm and 1200×2200 mm concrete drains with cover slabs for discharge of storm and waste water and curb stones. As well as 3000×3000 mm single cell box culverts.

Construction of temporary bye-passes at the river crossings to enhance uninterrupted flow of traffic during the construction of the bridge.


Client: Shell Petroleum Development Co.
Location: Nigeria

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