This project is for the construction of a series of tunnels and pipelines to convey water from the existing hydroelectric power system tunnel near the village of Joun some 30 km south of Beirut to the site of proposed reservoirs at Hadath90 and Hadath125 in south Beirut.

The General Conditions for the proposed project will be the Bank Harmonized Edition of the Conditions of Contract for Construction prepared and copyrighted by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Federation lnternationale des lngenieurs‐Conseils, or FIDIC) with specific amendments to suit the project.

The proposed works comprise the following key elements:

• The contractor shall complete all outstanding site investigations to facilitate final design of the pipeline and tunnel;

• A tunnel to convey raw water from Joun to the site of a new water treatment works near the village of Ouardaniye; 4,128.41 m.

• A tunnel from the water treatment works to Khalde on the southern outskirts of Beirut with an inverted siphon beneath the Damour valley; 19,735.86 m.

• A twin pipeline from the end of the tunnel, located in the hillside above Khalde to the coast road where it will connect to existing pipelines. A Flow Distribution Chamber and a Flow Control System are to be provided at this point; 1,966.12 m.

• A twin pipeline from the coast road at Khalde to the reservoir sites at Hadath 90 and then to Hadath 125; 17,411.20 m.
• On the twin pipeline, a connection chamber for feeding another reservoir at Hazmieh90; 7,360 m.

• Permanent access roads.

It is intended that the treatment works at Ouardaniye and the reservoir at Hadath90, Hadath125 and Hazmieh90 will be constructed concurrently with this Contract under separate tenders.

The current design has been prepared to APD “Avant Project Detaillé” level. Detailed design is to be carried out by the contractor and shall include:

• Determination of final route following contractor’s site investigations

• Surge analysis and design as well as pipeline structural design including thrust restraints and bedding detail, and reinforced concrete design

• lnsitu tunnel lining design, steel tunnel lining design, and steel pipe design in open cut trench as well as shaft lining design.

• Overall SCADA with central control station and Fibre optics communication backbone

All supporting calculations and details shall be provided for approval by the Engineer.

A period of 156 weeks is allowed for detailed design and construction. This includes the mobilization period for which a minimum of Ten (10) weeks is allowed.


Client: Council for Development & Reconstruction
Location: Lebanon
Completed: On-Going
Value: 51,942,114.78

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