Construction and installation of the IMS infrasound station IS19.

Site preparation and construction of the 40 m equipment facility at Arta Observatory as Common Central Recording Facilities (CRF), and access track for each site. Concrete foundation and installation of the embedded tower section. In addition to installation of upper section for L3, L5, L6, L8, repeaters and CRF. Inflexibility is another challenges, as well as fixing the lightning attractors, connecting to the grounding system, solar panels base and installation of Antennas.

Ground excavations and backfiling for the vaults, for the radio telemetry towers and fences. Provision and installation of the electrical grounding and lighting protection system. Extension to the present backup power system for the CRF at Arta Observation.

Security fencing and grounding systems were also implemented. A guard facility was also designed and constructed. A solar panels have been installed at each array element and repeater site to provide power to the Commission’s Infra sound Equipment via cables driven into the conduit to the interior of the vault.


Client: CTBTO
Location: Djibouti
Completed: 03/01/11
Value: 764,295.00 USD


Contract was signed between CTBTO and HOMAN Engineering – preparatory commission for nuclear test ban.

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