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  1. The construction of potable water networks with an approximate length of 200km of transmission and distribution ductile Iron and HDPE pipe work of various diameters ranging from 20 mm up to 400 mm
  2. The equipping of three wells in Darine town. Drilling and equipping one 150m well in ChirHmairine town. Drill Two 400m Test Wells around Halba region. Drill One 300m Test well around Kouikhat area. Drill and test one 150m well around Tel Abbass area.
  3. The construction of three water pumping stations; one in Darine village and two in Halba Region; one in Halba city and another in upper Halba area.
  4. The construction of four regional water reservoirs in Ghzaile area (4 x 2000m3), two ground reservoirs (1,000m3 each) in Halba Region, four water towers (300m3 capacity) one in ChirHmairine, two in Khreibeh, one in Nfaiseh, and one (100m3 in Darine).
  5. The project scope also includes construction of wastewater networks with a length of approximately 65km of pipework of various diameters up to 600mm.


Client: WARD J.V.
Location: Lebanon
Completed: On-Going
Value: $ 41,444,309.98
Consultant: Gulf-Spectrum Engineering Consultants L.L.C
Funded By: Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)
Contractor CDR Contract No.: 19956
Contract Duration: 30 Months (Completion Date 06Mar. 2020)

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